31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes – Day 2 – Content

I am content sitting in my office full of books of all kinds, some that I have read and many that I have not. The smell of homemade chicken soup simmering on the stove in the kitchen adds to my contentment. It’s been a relaxing day. I spent time reading with my legs dangling in the pool. I planted baby bokchoy and beet seeds for my fall garden. I looked over some books to prepare for my Italian classes next week. I am content having freedom with my time. I am content being retired yet having the freedom to keep myself my normal too busy. I am content, for now, daydreaming about trips to come and languages to learn. I am content writing about contentment knowing that the discipline of writing each day will bring me closer to getting serious about my writing again. I look forward to the day when the books that I will write will be sitting on my bookshelves. I will then have books that I have read, many that I have not and a couple that I wrote.

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Five Minute Free Writes – Day 2 – Content

  1. I love your perspective, Gina! It is so optimistic. I retired in September and I haven’t quite found that contentment yet. I long to travel but, as a full time family caregiver, it is difficult. I just hope that when I can travel I’m not too old to go to the places I still dream about. In the meantime, I’ll write.

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