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Image RESTored – Includes Six-Session Video Series: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation by Rachael Gilbert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Image Restored is a resource that I will return to multiple times in the future. The book is filled with treasures from God’s word, wisdom from its passionate author and counselor, Rachael Gilbert, and hope for a body image that reflects, what it is, a body created in God’s image.
One of my favorite quotes from the book is a great message that reflects a key point: “The enemy would like us to become so obsessed with looking down at our bodies that we forget to look up at Jesus.”
The author includes many opportunities for self-reflection and growth. Each chapter includes a section called Temple Truth with Bible teachings related to the chapter, followed by a couple of pages with prayers and questions to contemplate and complete. In addition, helpful verses at the end of each chapter are valuable reminders related to the subject matter of the section. The big bonuses are the coloring pages at the end of each chapter, all including a Bible verse and video links. Finally, each unit ends with a “Counselor’s Cornerstone” that goes deeper and offers room for digging into God’s word and varying charts to fill in to assist along the road to body image restoration.
What’s so special about Gilbert’s book is that there is something for everyone. One can do it all in great detail or complete what works and return to it later, perhaps after seeing some growth in a particular area.

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